1 09 2014

• Effect of reprocessing and accelerated ageing on thermal and mechanical polycarbonate properties J.M. Pérez et al. 2010 Journal Materials Processing Technology 210(727-733)
• Prevalence and outcome of newly detected diabetes in patients who undergo percutaneous coronary intervention Jesús M. de la Hera et al. Eur Heart J. 2009 30(21):2614-21. We acknowledge Dainora Jaloveckasfor her assistance in drafting the manuscript.
• F plasmid CcdB killer protein ccdB gene mutants coding for non-cytotoxic proteins which retain their regulatory functions Mol Microbiol. 1995 Mar;15(6):1031-7. El Mustapha Bahassi et al. We are very grateful to Michel Faelen and Dainora Jaloveckas for critical reading of this manuscript and Lucie Desmel for technical assistance.
• Control de potencial de macroparches para el análisis de corrientes sinápticas AsoVAC, 1990, Cumaná, Venezuela. Carmen Luisa Loureiro M., Dainora Jaloveckas, Legier Rojas Acta Científica Venezolana 1990 41(168 – 168)




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